All batting cages run on tokens. 1 token gives you 10 pitches

Sluggers aged 8 and younger can blast balls over the Green Monster!

1 Token (10 pitches)   $1.50

4 Tokens (40 Pitches) $5.00

10 Tokens (100 Pitches) $10.00

22 Tokens $20.00

50 Tokens $40.00

     Radar Cage 15 Pitches for $5. Test      your speed - how fast can you pitch?



 Little league baseball speeds at 35mph and 55mph. High School speed 65 mph and the Rocket is at 80 MPH. We also have 4 softball machines, 2 throw high arc for softballers and 2 through fast pitch for high school and college players. 

We are also proud to feature our Baby Ruth Wiffleball cage that throws big safe plastic balls at a lob speed especially for hitters 8 years and younger.             Complete with a mini Green Monster!